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This month the Muslim nation welcomes a new Islamic Lunar Year, the year 1439 Hijri. We ask Allah to make this year a safe and prosperous year. For the upcoming month 2MFM will broadcast a diverse range of programs, chants, stories and Islamic information concerning the Blessed Immigration of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

The new Hijri year begins with the month of Muharram.
On the tenth of Muharam many significant events occurred throughout history;

  • Allah saved Prophet Noah enabling his arch to land peacefully and victoriously.
  • Allah saved Prophet Ibrahim from the tyrant Nimrood.
  • Allah united Prophet Jacob with his son Prophet Joseph.
  • Allah gave victory to Prophet Moses and split the sea for him and for the children of Israel and Pharaoh (Fir ^ awn) was defeated.
  • Allah forgave Prophet David and granted Prophet Solomon a great dominion.
  • Allah brought Prophet Jonah safely out of the whale.
  • Allah cured Prophet Job.
  • Imam al-Hussein was killed by an unjust group. He died as a martyr at the age 56.

Stay tuned to, 2mfm the Muslim Community Radio on 92.1 FM throughout this month to learn about these events and more.