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A day after 2mfm attended the Premier’s Iftar Dinner at Parliament House, members of the 2mfm team had the pleasure of attending the Multicultural Iftar Dinner hosted by Superintendent Dave Eardley from Bankstown Local Area Command, in conjunction with Superintendent Michael McLean from the Campsie Local Area Command and Assistant commissioner Frank Mennilli, Commander of the South West Metro Region.

The evening was a very eventful one and consisted of a number of presentations and performances. To open the official program for the night, Salamah College student, Mariam Saad delivered a talented performance in which she sang the National anthem.

This was followed by a recitation from the Holy Qur’an performed by Chaplain Ahmad Abdo.

Upon the setting of the sun, the guests were given an opportunity to break their fast and perform prayers before the program for the evening recommenced with a speech from the main host of the event, Superintendent Dave Eardley, in which he addressed the audience, in particular members of the Muslim community to acknowledge their sacrifice during the holy month, saying:

“Ramadan is a time for Muslims around the world reflect on the wisdom and guidance that comes with faith, and responsibility that human beings have to one another and to God. This is a time when families gather, friends host iftars and meals are shared.”

He said, “Indeed we gather today, united in friendship, together as partners striving to make our community harmonious and a safe place to live. For so many Muslims, Ramadan is a time for deep reflection and personal sacrifice.”

“As another face, fasting is used to increase spirituality, discipline and consciousness of God’s mercy. It is also a reminder of the importance of reaching out to the less fortunate.”

Superintendent Dave Eardley’s speech was closely trailed by Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli’s address to the audience in which he congratulated the Muslim community on the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan.

This sequence of speeches would be followed by an outstanding presentation by the ICPA’s Harmony Band who performed a musical piece carrying strong messages denouncing terrorism, called ‘Muslims of the World’.

As fabulous a performance as it was, it would not be the only piece of entertainment the audience would receive that evening - a delegate of Darulfatwa – the Islamic high council of Australia, Darlina Mitnawi from the Malaysian community would also impress the audience with her vocals in a musical piece, performed in the Malay language.

This performance would bring the official program to an end, but the evening continued, giving the guests a chance to mingle, and giving 2mfm colleague Mrs Faten El Dana OAM the chance to speak to a number of people including Campsie Local Area Command superintendent Michael McLean, Superintendent Dave Eardley Bankstown LAC, Police Spokesman Tarek Issawi and Chaplain of NSW Police, Ahmad Abdo.

Overall, the Multicultural Iftar Dinner hosted on Tuesday June 23, a joint effort by Bankstown and Campsie Local Area Commands, in conjunction with Assistant commissioner Frank Mennilli, Commander of the South West Metro Region, was a very successful event.

2mfm thanks Superintendent Dave Eardley, Superintendent Michael McLean and Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli for their warm hospitality and the opportunity to cover such an entertaining evening, congratulating them on a successful event which clearly served its objective of uniting the community on such an important occasion, and working to build harmony between members of the NSW Police force and Muslim community in the Bankstown area.

 2MFM crew and guests

Mr A, Abdo Recitiing Qur'an

Mr A. Hage (Youth Org) , Mr A.Abdo ( Chaplain ) & Mr M.Chams ( ICPA)

Sheikh B. Houmaysi, Mr Mennellli & Mr T. Al Isawi

Superintendent Dave Eardly addressing the audience.