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2MFM was proud to partake in an awe-inspiring and noble Multicultural Mawlid Concert held at the Olympic Boulevard, Sports Centre in Home bush that surpassed all expectations. Thousands upon thousands of enthused devotees assembled to commemorate and honor the unmatched birth, life and honorable teachings of the best of all leaders, Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. 

The Chairman of Darulfatwa Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Hussieny, was joined at the event by numerous dignitaries, and community leaders. Among those present at the event were the Parliamentary secretary to the Minister for social services; Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, the Federal Member for Berowra; Phillip Ruddock, the NSW Opposition Leader; Luke Foley, the Member  for Liverpool; Paul Lynch, the President of the ICPA – Dr. Ghayath El-Shelh OAM, the Labor candidate for Lakemba ; Jihad Dib, other distinguished Sheikhs, Imams, Councilors, community leaders, Islamic organizations and media representatives.  

With the unwavering sounds of drums and symbols and the swaying of honorable flags, the drumming band (nawbeh) sparked the initiation of the grand commemoration as they entered the arena. Then in a display of remarkable pledge of love and devotion to Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Shafie reiterated the unwavering message that Muhammad enlightened and engulfed the world with his guidance and beauty. He then prompted the audience, both young and old to vociferously, determinedly and confidently repeat together with a unified voice this year’s Mawlid slogan in both Arabic and English: “The guidance of Muhammad is the light of the world”, a loud and proud testament which shook the showground.  

The concert also featured the internationally renowned Qur’an reciter and chanter, Haaj Muhammad Ma^rouf Karanouh who added to the exquisiteness of the event and delivered a high caliber of festivities. With his noble recitation of a few verses from Surat Al-Ahzab, the chapter of the holy Qur’an that talks about the revelation of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, the spectators were able to indulge in pure integrity and uprightness. 

In his welcoming speech, Chairman of Darulfatwa Australia, Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Hussainyy assured everyone that the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him stand for moderation, security, unity and productivity. 

The back-to-back program had a unique and unremitting flow that saw an enormous crowd elated with smiles etched on their faces. The performers echoed a diverse Muslim representation with their spectacular musical renditions and vocal symphony including groups from the Arabic, Sudanese, Turkish, Pakistani, Bosnian, French and African communities who have been training with the renowned vocal maestro of the Islamic Charity Projects Association. 

Another powerful multilingual performance with catching rhythm and impassioned lyrics evoked a passionate response from the audience. The multilingual musical presentation ‘Muslims of the World’ imparted a significant message about the proper stance that Muslims take on terrorism. It’s not only a spectacular example of melodic flair, but more prominently a powerful and influential expression of Muslims standing against acts of terrorism especially those done in the name of Islam. 

Among the lyrics of the musical piece are:

“We all denounce terrorism. We stand against it in deed and word. This is our belief, our unwavering ideal, and we are the Muslims of the world”. With those words, the Mawlid concert served another one of its momentous purpose of projecting the moderate teachings of Islam. 

The Muslim Community Radio was indeed instrumental in the months prior to the commemoration in broadcasting the festive occasion on its 92.1 FM airwaves and with live internet streaming accompanied with commentary during the event.

2MFM spoke with a number of dignitaries during the event, among them was Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells who said “It was actually very good to follow what was being sung and what was being said on the screen above and very much preaching that message of peace amongst men which is the message that the overwhelming majority of our Muslim communities have been promoting in Australia and so I think that today is very much a reflection of peace, harmony and integration". 

Also, Paul Lynch MP said "The range of different groups is itself an expression of multiculturalism, but it's also an interesting demonstration within the Australian context of people being able to celebrate where they are from".

"The appalling events that we see around the world and sometimes in Australia cannot be ascribed to Islam and the Islamic community. There are individuals doing things that are quite wrong but you can't blame those things on the Islamic community and events like today really just emphasize that.” 

Furthermore, Jihad Dib the Labor candidate for Lakemba said "It was really lovely, I really enjoyed it and it was educational which is really good as well and there was a good sense of atmosphere there" 

“It's important for people to recognize that when we do get together, we are just an amazing, amazing community and we are there celebrating the birth of the prophet" 

Federal Member for Berowra Phillip Ruddock said “This event, to me is important because it is part of our diversity, but it is also important for some of the messages that are conveyed here tonight” 

“One of the things that impressed me tonight is the very positive message that is being shared with all the young people and it’s appropriate that they should be” 

The NSW Opposition Leader; Luke Foley stated “It’s a privilege to be here in my first week as the leader of the Labor party to celebrate such a beautiful occasion, the birth of the prophet Muhammad and I have enjoyed the multicultural festivities, the Sudanese were just on, but we have seen so many cultures represented all giving praise to the prophet".

“What I've seen tonight is a powerful message of harmony, unity, togetherness, a rejection of extremism and it’s so welcomed to hear that” 

After the formal program of the event came to a close with a humble supplication made by his eminence Sheikh Bilal Homaisi, the attendees were invited to make their way outside to seek blessings from an honorable and authentic piece of hair of the prophet that was passed down from generation to generation.