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On the 8th of November 2014, the CBAA held their annual CBAA Gala Awards Dinner in Adelaide, South Australia. Like many other community Radio stations, 2MFM attended this event and come out as a top 4 finalist in the Award category "Excellence in Ethnic and Multicultural broadcasting". Despite the strong competition, 2MFM was recognized in this category and awarded on the night,  the 2014 CBAA Finalist Award for Ethnic & Multicultural Broadcasting for its delivery of a humane and phenomenal community project aimed at assisting migrants titled “Migrants: be informed, don’t be conned.”

Mr Raffic Hussein -  Mr Basso - Mrs Dana - Ms Steen - Mr Ghannoum

The project consisted of a four-part immigration series, shedding light about Migration regulations, visa information and current issues relating to asylum seekers. The project aimed to help the community become more informed and educated about the proper processes for obtaining migrant visas and help prevent individuals becoming victims of fraud syndicates.

Mrs El-Dana OAM led the program and aimed to assist the Australian government disseminate important information within the community around the proper processes for obtaining migrant visas. At the same time the program was a response to the Government's 'Don't be Sorry' campaign warning ethnic communities about the dangers of their families coming to Australia on dodgy boats with people smugglers.

Congratulations to 2MFM for this piece of important work and recognition for its ongoing hard work in serving the community ًاwhich has placed 2MFM as a finalist for Excellence in Ethnic and Multicultural broadcasting.