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12 June 2013

For Immediate Release

40 Recipients at Award Luncheon by Darulfatwa and 2MFM.

Forty Muslims of various ethnic backgrounds, genders and age, will remember Sunday 9 March 2013, as the day they were honoured in receiving their first Award of Appreciation presented to them by Darulfatwa Australia.

The Muslim Community Radio management team collaborated with Darulfatwa to organize a memorable luncheon that focused on paying a tribute to Muslim community members.

Darulfatwa, The Islamic High Council of Australia, organized and funded the Awards Luncheon to uphold the saying of Prophet Muhammad which means: The Muslim, who does not show appreciation to people, does not properly appreciate the giving of Allah.

The Luncheon features and entertainment included a video presentation of the highlights of the 2013 Mawlid Concert hosting 5000 guests at Olympic Park Homebush in February, and glimpses of the great performances of the ethnically diverse Muslim groups and talents who received awards of appreciation. Included in the Awards package was a full DVD of the Mawlid, produced by the Muslim Community Radio.

2MFM Manager, Haj Mohammad Hasan Khayat, said: “Our radio station is honoured to assist events that advance the Muslim community and gain exposure for 2MFM. We had many people sign up for membership and volunteering”.  

Darulfatwa ChairmanDoctor, Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Hussainy said in his opening speech: “It is important that we acknowledge the efforts and talents of the diverse Muslim community members, particularly the valuable contributions they made to this year’s Mawlid celebration”.

Sheikh Salim said: “the talents and performances displayed by the Multicultural vocal groups and bands on stage arrested the night and gave the event a special euphoric feeling. We thank the Muslim groups who worked hard to participate in the celebration of the Mawlid, especially those younger Muslims who portrayed their love for Prophet Muhammad in chants”.

The award recipients came together from diverse ethnic backgrounds including Africa, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bosnia, Turkey, Lebanon, and Australia.

The Award Luncheon held in Salam Hall Chester Hill hosted dignitaries including Sheikhs, imams, school teachers, journalists, school principals, businessmen, professionals, medical practitioners, community leaders and their families.

The 300 guests applauded as Darulfatwa executive called their names, and one by one they proudly approached the stage to receive their plaque and award package.