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2MFM Draws in Muslim Community in a Day of Consultation

The Muslim Community Radio held its iLove 2MFM Open Day & Workshop on Sunday May 6, opening its doors to the Muslim community to further its community consultation initiatives.

The grounds and level 2 of 23 Marion street Bankstown burst with the excitement and engagement of close to 2000 guests, including officials and families, as they interacted in a day of fun, live radio entertainment, food, drinks, gifts, prize draws, and information.

The turnout exceeded the expectation four fold, giving more visitors the opportunity to sign up for membership and fill in volunteer expressions of interest forms provided.

The 2MFM organizing committees accommodated for the influx through contingency measures, resulting in a memorable day for all.

Many guests were from non-Arabic, ethnic backgrounds including listeners, business owners, members and community representatives.

2MFM President Mohammed Mehio said: “This demonstrates the widespread and familiar appeal of 2MFM amongst the multicultural Australian Muslim community in Sydney”.  

The 2MFM executives ensured that the guest list compiled a significant cross section of the Muslim community including community representatives and groups of diverse ethnic and linguistic background. Representatives from the non Muslim community were also invited.

The event was intensely publicised over three weeks, accelerating over three phases.

The media mix planned to maximise awareness and draw interest, made the event very hard to ignore within the Muslim community. It engaged print , radio, word of mouth, and the 2MFM web site, which drew users to the event with an online Top Ten Chants poll .

 2MFM Vice President Mona Hwalla gives
the opening speech of the
Open Day & Workshop at 11am
 Road Sign on Marion Street

Ms Hwalla, officially launched the Open Day & Workshop event live on 92.1FM at 11am and delivered this message on behalf of the 2mfm board:

“The 2MFM Open Day & Workshop of 2012 is a reflection of 2MFM’s openness to the community.

“We the board pride our self on governing a radio station dedicated to community consultation, participation and engagement.

“We have a track record of gaining the satisfaction of the Muslim community, operating by our license condition to serve the Sydney Muslim.

“We have achieved community satisfaction on many levels in the past and present, including the satisfaction of our listeners, members and a significant number of Muslim community associations, institutions and organizations in the Muslim plethora.

“This Open Day is but another step in a series of measures taken to increase community participation through your consultation.”

 Top 10 CD Part of the grounds showing part of the crowd
  Registration and activity sign-up tables  2MFM Membership Run for new members
Family experiences live studio in their tour  A visitor experiences the live studio

The events of the day that took place on level 2 included studio tours, the 2MFM’s Got Talent quest, news reading auditions, and a two hour workshop.

These activities were planned to enable dialogue about the radio service, maximise openness, discover new Muslim talent and encourage participation; all in the aim to further community consultation.

 2MFM Production Studio 2MFM’s Got Talent 

During the workshop, guests and board members discussed 2MFM’s main services - operations and programming, welcoming their feedback.

Workshop: Muslim Community
talk to board & presenter
Workshop: Muslim Community
engage with board members about programming
Executive Karima Al-Shelh encourages guest to fill in Volunteers expression of interest form 2MFM presenters interview guests from various ethnic backgrounds live
Free Sausage Sizzle Free Sausage Sizzle


The all-day ground activities included, broadcasting live from the ground, interviewing guests, registering to attend the level 2 activities, applying for membership, and gifts tables offering 2MFM T-Shirts, caps, pens, Top Ten Chants CDs to all guests.

A few meters away, a free BBQ lunch and drinks from 1-3 pm kept the crowd satisfied.

 Nine lucky winner won $2500 Cash  Community Imam and 2MFM board members
look on as a young Muslim guest
draws the winning names

At 4pm a live prize draw gave four lucky winners $500 each and five others won $100 each.

Ms Hwalla said, “The 2MFM executive committee consider the workshop a big success, generating welcomed feedback and suggestions that we, the board, are happy to consider and incorporate to maintain community satisfaction”.