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The Penshurst Mosque Open day was another event which reflected upon the diverse nature and harmonious value of Sydney’s Muslim community.

The event which offered an opportunity for community cohesion and consultation saw many attend the South West Sydney Mosque including the 2MFM crew and showcased the richness and the hospitable nature of the Bosnian culture 

The event was marked with a line-up of attendees which included the Imam of the Mosque Sheikh Saleh Mujala, Imam Jasmin Bekric, David Colman; Federal Member for Banks, Mark Coure, local Member for Oatley and Deputy Chairperson of the Community Relations Commission Mr Felice  Montrone. 

A welcoming message of peace and union was relayed during the day, with Sheikh Saleh and his staff proudly welcoming visitors with open arms. 

The involvement and strong presence of 2MFM in their community was also acknowledged by the chairman of the Bosnian Islamic Council of Australia Imam Jasmin Bekric.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Muslim Community Radio, 92.1 FM for coming here today, to cover this beautiful event and for everything they are doing for the Muslim Community and the community in general in this city”

Mr Felice Montrone, reiterated this message by saying that migrants have been a key component to the richness of Australia and will be an important role in the future of Australia. 

David Coleman said the event helps enhance the understanding of culture within Australia and erodes the barriers to bigotry and racism. 

Notable reference to the Islamic Charity Projects Association was made by Mr Coleman for their ongoing efforts to engage the community through social awareness.

2MFM was pleased to provide a stall at the event and sell educational CDs and DVDs which is another example of its underlying commitment to serve and represent the Muslim community.

The Muslim Community Radio takes advantage of every opportunity to strengthen ties and form new networks with all communities. For that reason, 2MFM was extremely pleased to showcase their support to the Bosnian community in Penshurst and help them engender better understanding and social harmony. 2MFM always has its doors wide open to the Muslim Bosnian community and truly wishes them all the best in their future endeavours.