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Recommended acts on the Day of ^Id

It is Sunnah on the day of ^Id to do the following:

To have the purificatory bath before going to the prayer;

To wear perfume for men;

To clip one’s fingernails;

To wear the best of one’s clothes;

To return home via a different route from that which one took to go to the place of prayer;

To go early to the mosque except for the imam;  

To eat something such as dates or the like before going to the prayer;

To walk to the place of prayer;  

To recite the takbirs of ^Id repeatedly. This is highly recommended and its time starts after the sunset of the last day of Ramadan and ends when the imam says the opening takbir of the ^Id prayer. This can be attained by one saying in one’s home, market places, mosques, and while walking the streets.

Congratulating one another on the day of ^Id for performing the acts of worship during

Ramadan and asking Allah to accept their good deeds is also rewardable, as stated by Ibn Hajar and Al-Bayhaqiyy .

It is Sunnah to spend the night preceding the day of ^Id in acts of worship such as praying. It is Sunnah mu’akkadah to pray the ^Id prayer as Prophet Muhammad ^ used to pray every ^Id Prayer.